PostHeaderIcon Finding High PR Backlinks

In this age where online competition is getting stiffer by the day, traffic isn’t enough—you want quality traffic, visitors who are genuinely interested in your site and are likely to be converted into buyers (or at least make a return visit). This is also true for methods such as link building. You don’t just want lots of links; you want relevant links, preferably from a website that holds high authority in your field. These are called high PR backlinks—links from a site with a PR of 5 or more (others put the minimum at 6 or 7).

Finding high PR backlinks can be tricky, of course. For one thing, high-PR sites tend to get a lot of link requests, and they cannot accommodate all of them. Most of the time, they have strict policies on link exchanges, and their terms can be hard to meet. If you do get a backlink from them, you may be up there with hundreds of other sites, so it may still take some effort to get relevant traffic.

One way around it is to use social networks. Websites like Facebook or MySpace have high PR rankings, and fairly accessible advertising platforms. If you’re familiar with the Facebook interface, you’ve probably noticed the dozens of sidebar ads that appear as you surf—these are paid ads that link back to a site (or a Facebook page where you’ll find that link). This is a great example of high PR back-linking. Other sites worth checking out are Digg, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, where your content can be shared between users and generate even more traffic.

Forum posting is also a great way to get high PR backlinks. Not all forums will have a high PR, so it’s best to start with popular ones—just do a Google search for forums relevant to your topic, and the ones that turn up first are likely to have the highest PR. Make sure to post relevant comments and not just a link with a token invitation. Lurk around and see what other people are talking about, so you can provide contextual feedback and get credibility for your site.

The most important thing to remember is that online marketing is all about authority. Besides building up your numbers and increasing your network, you want to be trusted in your field. The best way to do this is to interact with others and post useful, easy-to-read content. If you focus on that, the rest can just come naturally, including backlinks.

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