PostHeaderIcon How to Buy Email Leads

Even as social media and other channels have opened up new forms of marketing, email leads remain essential to online business. Indeed, in some of the most successful online business models, social marketing is used as much as a media form as a means for gathering leads. These days, if you want to expand and keep your customer base, a good email lead list is still your best bet.

The easiest way to get leads is to buy pre-made lists. While gathering your own leads has its merits, knowing where and how to buy email leads can help you get started sooner. The first step is getting to know your source—while there are dozens out there for any given field, you want to make sure your source really knows its people and gives you a well-targeted group. It’s not just about harvesting email addresses from a database; a good lead provider follows up on them and makes sure there are no expired addresses, false leads, and unresponsive members on the list. Some of the most popular email lead providers include ZoomInfo, DemandBase, NetProspex, and ReachForce.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you’ll be asked to make an account. Most companies only allow you to make your purchase online. Each one has different rates and specialties, so it’s useful to comparison-shop before settling on a deal. Sometimes it pays to shell out more for well-researched leads; the best companies call the contacts first to make sure they’re all active. These lists may cost more, but they give you more value for your money.

You may also be able to choose leads categorized by age, location, income, and other demographic data, depending on what your own market research tells you. This is an important part of the process—it ensures that the data you invest in is actually relevant to your business. Whether you do your own research on your target audience or have a third party do it, it’s important to know exactly which people you want to reach.

Most lead providers supply the data in a spreadsheet, which makes it easier to load onto your email marketing software. If you have a program that you already have the hang of, see if you can get your leads in a compatible format—you’ll usually have a range of options. This may seem like a minor detail, but automating the process can save you a lot of time and leave you more room for other aspects of your business.

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