PostHeaderIcon How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Increasing web traffic is essential to making money off your blog. Whether it’s through pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing, or some other business model, your income directly depends on how many people visit your website. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you may be familiar with some of the most common strategies, such as link building and forum posting. Each method has its merits, but often, the best approach is to use a variety of methods that complement each other. Learning how to get traffic to your blog is therefore an essential part of any Web business.

Link building is probably the simplest form of traffic generation. You want to put as many access points to your blog as possible. You can do this by participating in relevant forums or posting comments on other blogs, and simply adding a link to your site on your signature. This takes a lot more work than it seems—you have to read other posts, research your answers, and build a connection with members of the community, all in the name of establishing yourself as an expert in your field. A link building service can do that for you, but it’ll cost you more and you’ll have to shop around for the best services.

In the last two years, social networking has been essential to getting blog traffic. Bloggers who are active on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms get several times more followers than those who don’t do much besides blog. You can link to your latest blog posts on various status updates—there are apps that allow you to synchronize your posts or cross-post between platforms in seconds. Many users don’t even check their favorite blogs regularly anymore—they just get updates on their social media feeds every time someone posts an update. Having a social media presence makes it easier to keep followers.

Finally, the most important aspect of increasing blog traffic is staying ahead of the game. To be able to post meaningful content on a regular basis, you have to read up on your topic and be among the first to write about it when something comes up. There are dozens of bloggers in any given field, and the only way to stand out—and therefore get the readership—is to post what people like to read. It’s a full-time job for some of the world’s top bloggers. But it’s all part of the business—as long as you have something useful to say, someone out there will want to listen.

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