PostHeaderIcon How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

These days, one of the first things you learn in business is that website traffic is essential. Whether you’re running a multinational firm or a blog about knitting, visitors are what really keep your business afloat. So it’s a little surprising that few website owners and entrepreneurs find it worthwhile to invest in driving web traffic. If you want to get and keep loyal customers, knowing how to increase traffic to your website is an important first step.

One of the most popular ways is to set up a blog. For many people the blog is the business, and keeping it updated is nothing short of a full-time job. For others, blogging is a way to connect with customers and boost marketing efforts, essentially allowing readers to spread word around about the business. Whatever your purpose is, blogging can get you targeted traffic on a regular basis, especially if you’re able to provide useful content and address your readers’ questions.

Linking is another widely used traffic generation method, and for good reason. Having lots of sites link back to you means that there are more opportunities for people to find you online. Getting these links on relevant websites is even better, as the chances are high that you get highly interested visitors. Also, search engines take the number of relevant inbound links into account when ranking site popularity. This means that the more links you have, the higher up on the list your site appears.

Social networking is one of the newest but fastest-growing ways to increase site traffic. It’s a lot more work than it seems, but the payoff is well worth it. By setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account for your site, you can reach a lot more people, and reach existing readers in a more convenient way. It’s a lot easier for them to follow your blog or check your site for updates when they learn about it through sites they visit every day anyway. You can also expand your network through existing clients’ contacts.

On the Web, getting new visitors and holding on to old ones are equally valuable. You should invest as much time in one as you do in the other, no matter how big or small your business is. While it’s worth it to spend a few hours a day trying to drive traffic to your website, it’s important to follow up on them and make sure they’re not just one-time visitors. Remember, occasional traffic can bring you money, but it’s the loyal people who keep you in the game.

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