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One of the best ways to generate good traffic to your site is through relevant links from other websites. As far as Google and other ranking systems are concerned, the more people link back to your site, the more popular and credible you are—and the higher you’ll appear in their rankings. The catch, of course, is that links are hard to generate organically. How do you get people to link to you on their websites?

This is where a link building service comes in. Link building is just as the name suggests—they put up links to your site in a variety of places, from blogs and forums to social networks. This boosts your site’s “authority,” which means that search engines and other ranking bodies consider your site a credible resource in your field.

Of course, not all link building services are worth your money or effort. Just a quick Google search on the term will turn up dozens of SEO companies, each promising large returns. That’s why it’s important to look at each provider’s history, reputation, and track record, and most importantly, their methods. You want to know that your links aren’t flooding people’s blogs or being flagged as spam in forums. The best link building services provide credible, organic links, those that are actually in context and say something useful besides “Check out my site.”

Another way to assess a link building service is to look at their other services. Link building is only one of several ways to boost site traffic, and a good company will offer the whole package. To a website owner, it’s much easier to have all your marketing done by one company than to have one firm doing your links and another managing your social networks. Working with a full-service company will help ensure more seamless marketing and make sure that one method isn’t interfering with the other. Just make sure they can get results on all fronts—a good company will be more than willing to share their numbers with you.

Finally, consider the type of customer service they offer. Many SEO companies and link builders operate largely online, which is understandable given the nature of their business. But you want to be able to talk to a real person when something comes up or when you need extra help—a 24-hour service or a same-day response guarantee is a big plus. It may not make or break the deal, but it’s always good to know you can get help when you need it.

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