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Link building dates back longer than even most professionals think: before there was Google, the only way to get around the Web, and therefore to get site traffic, was to link from other websites. When search engines realized that links were a valuable indicator of a site’s popularity, the practice of linking to one’s site from as many destinations as possible became big business. The more relevant links a website has, the higher up it tends to rank on search engine pages.

As is often the case, more than a few site owners have tried to find easy ways to get these links. No one really wants to spend time posting on forums, commenting on blogs, and other tried-and-tested ways to get backlinks. Link building software promises to put the tedious work out of the picture and get your links up for you. The idea is that by paying to automate the process, all you have to do is wait for the traffic to pour in.

A typical link building system will post links to your site from content websites that are ideally relevant to your own. Many of the newer ones post one-way links, which means you don’t link back to them in exchange. This helps improve your search engine ranking, as two-way links are a sign that a website is in a link exchange agreement and isn’t worth as much. How effective this is depends a lot on the provider itself: how reputable are its websites? Do they have useful content, or are they just “link farms” that don’t attract the right traffic? These are just some of the factors worth taking into account when looking at link building software.

For most site owners, link building software is useful mostly as a data entry tool. Manually setting up links requires you to research relevant websites and fill out dozens of forms, a task that can take up six to seven hours a day for an average-sized network. Automating the process can save you a lot of time, but it shouldn’t replace research, quality content, and networking—the main factors that make link building effective.

If you think you can benefit from link building software, you may want to look into other features as well. Many programs set themselves apart from the competition by offering other services, such as article submission and email marketing tools. Others offer site analytics, but these are rarely as reliable as those of Google and Alexa. Look closely at the list of features and see which ones are most worth your money.

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