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Leads are essential to any marketing strategy, and multi-level marketing (MLM) is no exception. Gathering leads allows you to get in touch with the right people and target your message as efficiently as possible. Without a good lead list, you’re not marketing to anyone in particular—and you’re not attracting the right people to your business.

Needless to say, MLM lead lists are the first step to efficient marketing and ultimately turning a profit. A lead list is basically a list of people who are potentially interested in your product, along with information on how you can contact them. Not every name on the lead list will be an ideal customer, but part of the business is finding the ones who are. By targeting only relevant leads, you’re already narrowing down your options and increasing the chances of getting good business with every call.

There are two ways to get your hands on an MLM lead list: buying them or making your own. Buying lead lists is obviously faster: you pay for the data and jump straight into your marketing plan. The catch is that they can be very expensive—a good one can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Those that cost less run the risk of having outdated information and false email addresses. If you know where to look, however, you can find legitimate and reliable MLM lead lists that will direct you to the right audience.

Those who have more time or like to have more control will be more inclined to make their own lead lists. It’s a lot more time-consuming, and if you’re busy, it’ll cost you more in work hours. But the benefits are usually more than worth it. For one thing, you can check each lead and make sure everyone on the list is worth your time. For another, you can control how large or small the list is, depending on the marketing techniques you plan on using.

On a good day, you can put together about 50 leads, which means it’ll take weeks to gather a reasonable list (which can include hundreds of names). One way to make it simpler is to build mechanisms for leads to flow in on their own, such as putting sign-up forms on your websites and offering incentives for signing up. It’s all tied to the bigger picture of Web business—with a good product range and compelling content, you can get more people to check out your business and watch your MLM lead lists come together.

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