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When it first hit the market, traffic generation software was well-received—it was a way to sweeten website stats, increase hits, and boost conversions while barely lifting a finger. But like many get-rich-quick schemes, it didn’t last long: search engine Google promptly changed its policies, blocking access to 100,000 sites using its AdWords feature. It was a response to abusive traffic generation programs, most of them driving false traffic and using other unethical means to boost site rankings.

Lesson learned: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. It’s a cliché, but a hard-learned one for many web entrepreneurs. While some traffic generator software is legitimate and delivers as promised, many more are just after site owners’ money. The first thing to remember is not to go for the first program that presents itself. Lurk around forums, ask other site owners, and do your own research to see which traffic generator can get you meaningful traffic and keep you out of trouble.

Major search engines—Google, Bing, and Yahoo—usually offer guidelines that include acceptable means of traffic generation. No matter how long you’ve been in business, a quick look at these guides once in a while can come in handy. You’ll notice that some of the best-ranked ones offer a service more than a product—they don’t just get you visitors, but also guide you in marketing efforts that help you keep them.

Of course, you can’t leave everything to code. Traffic generator software can kick-start your business but it won’t work for the long haul, at least not if you plan on keeping a meaningful customer base. Part of your job is to keep providing useful content that will keep users coming back, and ideally spreading word around about your business. Whether it’s how-to articles, an insightful blog, or high-quality products and services, the key to success isn’t so much web traffic as it is good practice. It gives you more credibility not only in customers’ books, but also in the eyes of search engines, who take into account the relevance of your content.

A popular way to complement traffic generation is article marketing, which involves publishing articles on several channels that link back to your site. If they’re useful and well-written, they can drive traffic from people who are really worth your time. E-mail marketing and social marketing are also excellent ways to reach your target market. Whatever your methods, they should account for more of your traffic and conversion than traffic generator software.

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