PostHeaderIcon Using Expired Domain Traffic

One of the least known ways to generate website traffic is redirecting from expired domain names. It seems crude and even unprofessional, but more than a few website owners have tried it—and with reasonable success. With the right techniques, an expired domain can direct regular traffic to your website and give your business that much-needed kick-start.

Using expired domain traffic works on the principle that a defunct website’s readership can be used by another. The first step is finding an expired domain that is relevant to your website—this ensures that the traffic that gets redirected is made up of interested readers. The domain must also have had a good following when it was still active; the more popular a site used to be, the larger the readership you can tap into. Popular domains also tend to have inbound links from other sites they used to associate with; if these links are still around, you also get traffic from a number of other places.

Next, you buy the expired domain and set it up to redirect to your site, usually with a simple php code. This is where relevance comes in. You’re basically taking an existing customer base and trying to replace their old haunt—and to keep them, you need to be at least as good, ideally better, than the previous domain. If you have a blog on health insurance, redirecting from a defunct fashion website won’t be of much value. A related domain, however, will ensure that the traffic you get is well-targeted.

Another strategy is to put content on the domain itself. Many experts recommend using the redirect code as a “filler” while you’re working on a content buffer; when you’ve got enough material, you can set up the domain as your own site. The advantage to this is that a well-known site may already have a good Google PR and Alexa rank, inbound links, and other attribute that can take months or years for a new site to build up.

Others suggest using expired domain traffic for satellite websites, or sites that are part of a larger network geared towards boosting one main site. Since satellite pages are secondary, it usually doesn’t make sense to put too much effort into driving traffic to them. Using free traffic from expired domains is a great solution: it gives you targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost and time, so that you can focus on providing regular, useful content.

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