PostHeaderIcon Web Video as Online Marketing

Technology and marketing don’t always go together—just ask any marketing department that has tried to cut costs by doing its own web video content. For some purposes, video isn’t worth the trouble—but more often than not, it makes all the difference between a marketing approach that works and one that falls flat.

Web video is set to become even more central to online marketing in the next few months, as it becomes more accessible and less taxing on bandwidth and CPUs. If you’re up for the challenge but don’t have all the ideas, here are some suggestions to get you started.

How-to guides: Whether it’s a productivity app or a radical new household tool, videos are the best way to introduce people to your product. Words and user manuals can only go so far in showing what a product can do. With web video, you can show the product at work and suggest ways to get the most out of it. More than a few small business owners have market their product this way, and with one-click video sharing, a good clip can get you far.

Go beyond local: If you’re having trouble attracting clients in your area, or if you’re looking to expand your business geographically, online videos are the way to go. Certain service products lend themselves especially well to this medium. Music and language instructors, for example, often post short instructional clips on YouTube and then post a link to their website where people can sign up to learn more.

Post just-for-fun videos: Sometimes it helps to take a break from the daily grind and come across something out of the ordinary—even if it’s a one-minute video of a sleeping puppy. That’s not to say you should make a habit of posting random videos as part of your marketing plan. Once in a while, simply post relevant, entertaining content that users will want to share. Even if it doesn’t go viral, it gets your name (and your link) around and brings in a good bit of traffic.

Build a new service around it. This may not work for every business, but it just might be the edge you need over your competitors. Maybe you can offer customized tutorials on using your product, or stream company events that your users might be interested in. Think of new ways you can incorporate the new technology beyond marketing and into expanding the business itself.

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