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Getting site visits is a frustrating and often thankless task. Arguably the least glamorous part of web business, it involves getting people to visit your site and then trying to make them stay for more than ten seconds. And it’s a lot harder than it seems, even for owners of high-ranking websites. And in true entrepreneur fashion, we often play with the idea of just paying a bunch of people to get it done for us.

That’s the whole concept behind targeted traffic buying, an industry that promises to send thousands of visitors to your site for as little as $10. Ads such as “10,000 visitors for $10” have had bloggers and site owners wondering where to buy targeted traffic and how it works. Even with only 5% of visitors turning a $1 profit, that’s a return of $500 on your initial $10. Too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

Companies offering targeted traffic work a variety of ways: by forcing visitors to your site through popup windows, squeeze pages, sometimes even false links. A few operate get-paid-to-surf schemes, paying people to spend a given number of seconds on a variety of websites. The most obvious flaw in this system is that the traffic is far from targeted—it’s hard to capture the interest, let alone the trust, of someone who was basically tricked onto a website. Another flaw is that search engines can flag a sudden surge of short-lived visits that seem to come out of nowhere, which means your ranking can plummet overnight.

What’s more, the terms of these services can be unsurprisingly skewed against the client’s favor. For example, on many targeted traffic contracts, there are disclaimers that say a visit will count even if the ad closes before it can load (often due to slow connections or lack of interest). Some even claim that the hit counters they provide may not be accurate. Then again, you can’t expect much from a ten-dollar service.

Experts are unsure whether buying targeted traffic is worth anyone’s money, but the general consensus, based on the evidence, is that it’s not. The best place to get targeted traffic is still from the tried-and-tested methods of networking and providing regular, useful content. It requires a greater investment in both time and money, but the returns are well worth it—and you don’t have to read through crafty fine print for your peace of mind.

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