PostHeaderIcon Why Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There’s no shortage of opportunities to make money online—in fact, it’s pretty safe to assume that new methods are being invented as we speak. But some things in the market are still worth learning, even if they’ve been around for years. One of them is affiliate marketing: promoting a company’s product or service on your website in exchange for a cut on the visits or sales you generate.

Many successful entrepreneurs got their start in affiliate marketing. For some of them, it continues to be a major source of revenue, but for most, it taught them the marketing principles they needed to build their own institutions. Affiliate marketing puts you in a good position to learn: you can start small and minimize your risk, while still being exposed to the challenges of getting noticed on the Web. When it’s time to market your own products, you have all the skills you need to get it right. Think of it as learning from more established companies until you’re good enough to be their competitor.

You can learn affiliate marketing on your own—there are lots of free or inexpensive resources online—or sign up for actual classroom courses. Each one has its pros and cons, and at the end of the day it comes down to your availability and learning style. Whatever you choose, make sure to look into the company’s history: since the industry’s boom a few years ago, a lot of self-appointed gurus have sprung up and began charging hundreds for a service that took them five minutes to put together. Look for reviews, contact former customers, and call them up for information and a look at their syllabus.

To do that, you’ll have to know the skills you need and see if the company offers them. Some of the key skills are list building, designing squeeze pages, and tracking and managing website information. It’s about as much tech-savvy as it is about marketing flair. The best affiliate marketers are good at both. If you’re struggling with one area, knowing at least the basics can get you a long way.

As we’ve mentioned, not all affiliate marketers stay in the trade for long, but that’s the best part. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience in online business, affiliate marketing can open new opportunities or even reopen old ones—and no matter what field you’re in, the skills you take away will be useful for yeas to come.

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